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Tips for a first time traveler

Tips for a first time traveler?
I'm 17. I'm moving to Oakland, CA from Anchorage, AK and I have one stop in Seattle, WA. I'm going by myself, and no I am not running away. I will be living with my aunt. I have no idea what to expect. But, I do know a few things. If I do the web check-in kiosk thing, will it also check-in for my flight from Seattle to Oakland? Also, any additional information / tips would be very helpful. I already know what to expect during the screening process. What I don't know about is where to go and how the airport is sectioned out. I don't want to get lost!
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First off don't worry, air travel is very simple and straight forward and you shouldn't have nay issues. If you are flying on the same airline then you will usually be given boarding passes for your entire flight. Simply look at the boarding pass and make sure you have one to you final destination. If unsure, simply check with a gate agent or someone at the ticket counter. Be sure you do not take any liquids in a container larger than 3oz in your carry ons. All liquids in your carry on must be placed in a stadard zip lock bag to pass through security. Check out the TSA website for more on the screening process: Since your only layover is in Seattle you may want to become familair with the airport to know what gate you will arrive and where your departure gate is. Here is the website for the SeaTac airport and a link to maps of the airport terminals. Have fun traveling.
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You don't need to check in if its just a transfer. You're checked in from your starting destination til your end destination, regardless of lay overs. It should be pretty easy to follow the crowd and air ports tend to be pretty easily labled. They usually will have maps even on their website so you'll have a general idea of where your going before you even land. Your ticket should say the gate on it. However, I bet if you asked this questions specifically in the Seattle section someone who knows the airport very well could tell you about specific gates, etc. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine!
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Whatever check-in method you use checks you through to your final destination. If you do your check-in on the web, you, of course, will be able to see if you have been checked through to Oakland. If you wait and check-in at the kiosk, get there a little earlier than you normally would. That way if for some reason you are not checked through to Oakland, you will have time to get it straightened out before you board in Anchorage. I flown from Anchorage to Seattle but not enough times to remember the layout of the airport. If you are flying the same airline from Seattle to Oakland that you took out of Anchorage, there shouldn't be much trouble in finding your way to the right gate. If, however, you have to change airlines, it may be a little more confusing. The flight attendants are usually very knowledgeable about the airports they fly through. If you aren't comfortable about where you need to go once you get to Seattle, ask one of the attendants before you every land. Try to find out which gate you will be flying out of. That will save you some time once you get inside the terminal. If you still have questions after taking with person on the plane, you can always ask one of the airline employees when you get into the terminal. Also, the airlines usually have their own company magazines and in the back will be a layout of the terminals they fly to. So if you can find the gate you will be flying into Seattle and the gate you will flying out of to Oakland, you can locate it on the map before you land. The main thing to remember is--Don't ever hesitate to ask one of the airport employees if you have any questions! Hope you have an enjoyable flight.
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Hello, from my experience, once you check in at the web/kiosk thing, it can check you in on your flight from Seattle to Oakland. So, you won't have to spend time during your lay over running to a kiosk to check in. I've never flown out of Anchorage before, but I am sure the airport has a website, and if you call the airline you are flying, they should be able to help you out with where to go in the Anchorage airport, as well as the Seattle airport. From my experience, airlines usually have their gates fairly close together. For example, let's say Delta Airlines has three gates next to each other. Chances are once you get off the plane in Seattle, you won't have to walk very far to get to the gate where you will catch the flight to Oakland. There are some exceptions to that, but the airline you are flying should be able to tell you where in the airport their gates are located. It is easier than it sounds. From my experience, the most complicated event is the screening process! Once you get through that, the rest should be no problem. Good luck to you.

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