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Whats the longest....................

Whats the longest....................?
flight you have ever taken??????? FROM where were you leaving TO where were you going?? how long was it????? i am leaving tomorrow(the 26th of August) from Anchorage,Alaska, to Milwaukee...but the plane is flying to Phoenix,Arizona and THEN Milwaukee and its about an 11 hour im just alittle curious about anyone elses flight experiences(even if it was only an hour or 2)
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ive taken a flight from singapore to usa and i think it was about 20-22hours and they had really good movies on and for some reason you just feel sleepy once you are on a place unlike being up till 2am in your house hahah
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Augusta, Maine to Melbourne, Australia - 29 hours - if I remember correctly. Puddle-jump from AUG/Augusta to EWR/Newark, NJ - 3hrs ERW/Newark-LAX/Los Angeles - 6hrs LAX/Los Angeles-SYD/Sydney - 17hrs SYD/Sydney-Melbourne/MEL - 3hrs ============== 29 hrs Upon my return however, MEL->LAX - 16hrs LAX->EWR - (5hrs in the air) + (10hr stopover in LAX) - 15hrs Bus from ERW-Augusta - 6hrs. ================ 37 hrs
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Mumbai ('Bombay' then) to New York. Started in Mumbai at midnight (00:00) and reached New York at 04:30pm (local time) that corresponds to 03:00am. Passed through Kuwait, Rome & London.
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sydney aus to LA, LA to Denver, Denver to Miami, Miami to Trinidad.
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Ottawa -> Toronto (352 km, 45 minutes) Toronto -> Anchorage (4851 km, 5hr 45 minutes) Anchorage -> Hong Kong (8216 km, 9 hours 45 minutes) Hong Kong - Sydney Australia (7262 km, 8 hours 30 minutes) Total travel distance of 21,045 km with a travel time of about 24 hours and 45 minutes (calculated by dividing distance by 850km/h average 747 flight speed). This does not include layovers and plane changing which increased the flight about 15 more hours as there was a 13 hours layover in Hong Kong, which would have made this flight almost 40 hours (one-way), and believe me, it felt like it.

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