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What are some things I can do on an airplane ride/in an airport

What are some things I can do on an airplane ride/in an airport?
I am flying from Anchorage, AK to Juneau and I think its only going to be an hour flight but if any of you have made this trip before then correct me cause i really don't know. Anyways, last time i was on an airplane I brought a carry-on with a bunch of normal stuff for airplanes, you know, books, journal, pens, a small blanket, my laptop and some other stuff. but it was way too much stuff and it was WAY heavy and I never even used all of the stuff. Plus my laptop charge is really short and even if I charge it at the airport, that means I have to stay in that one spot and...... yeah anyways... SO... what are some things I can do in an airport/on an airplane. The flight is alaska airlines so it doesn't have like sky mall magazines and stuff. Oh and I'm traveling with my friend and her mom and brother and stuff and we might be at the airport for a long time, so any suggestions????!!!!????!?!?!?
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smoke cigarettes and sleep.
2 :
crossword puzzles go buy you a book at a store and work on them.
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If you enjoy reading get a paperback book you can really get involved in. Sudoku, fill-it-ins, logic problems, crossword problems, word search books are all light-weight and need only a mechanical pencil or pen. Another option is one of the small games that can be bought at variety stores like a drug store, wal mart, or even at one of the stores in the airport. These games are available to play blackjack, poker, yahtzee, etc. All of these have kept me busy in many airports and airplanes without taking up too much space.
4 :
First of all, I haven't made this flight before so I can't give you any details (sorry) but don't rely too much on times because every flight is different and times could change due to many issues (such as delays, weather etc.) If your flight is not too long (less than 3 or 4 hours) then I wouldn't bother with a laptop as it will just be heavy and too difficult (as you mentioned above). Usually when I travel I take a crossword book, my iPod (fully charged), a couple of magazines, a book and a warm coat (just in case). If you are going to be at the airport for a long time I suggest either listening to music, reading a book or having a look around the airport stores. I would save the crossword book and magazines (and iPod) for the plane. Happy traveling!
5 :
It's only an hour. Take a magazine.

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