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Flying Vladivostok via Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky To Anchorage

Flying Vladivostok via Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky To Anchorage?
Enquirying if anyone has travelled on the Vladivostok Air Flight from russia far east to the united states? I am planning on a round the world (through europe trains, via the trans-siberian railway); I understand the required flight journey is an inland russian flight, then onto america!! are there any restrictions i.e visa requirements (single / double entry?), or russia permit to enter a paticular area required? (i understand KAMCHATKA requires a local permit?, would this appy to just visiting the airport?)
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Don't even try to travel via railway. Or if you dare to travel via trans-siberian railway you should be very careful. Dont play on money with russian card-players =)) or you'll be naked when you arrive at VLADIVOSTOK =))
2 :
Alaska Airlines used to fly between the Russian far east and Alaska. No longer. Extortion by locals was the main reason they stopped. Vlodivostok (VVO) is a city with a very high crime rate, much higher than what we're used to in the USA. Russian travel is still restricted, a remnants of the Soviet Era which is hard to disappear. Once you pass east through the Urals, you will be totally on your own in a nation vastly underdeveloped. Unless you are traveling with a well informed group or locals, I would not recommend going into VVO via Siberia. Small charter airlines from Alaska still fly into smaller communities into Siberia. If you truly want to experience the Russia far east I recommend you fly Eva Air from Alaska into a small village in Siberia for a few days, but it's very restricted and you will need travel papers and visas and an "official" host. Eva Air may be able to help.
3 :
First, you have to check if there is still a flight from Vladivostok to Anchorage. If there is, you just need a russian visa that you get before entering russia. If the flight goes via Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, you don't need any permits either, just that russian visa that you get before entering russia. If there is a flight via Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, you will not be permited to leave the plane anyway. You get on the plane in Vladivostok, pick up some people in P-K, and get off in Anchorage. I am not sure if there is any airline that flys by this route anymore. You need to check. You can try flying to South Korea, or Japan from Vladivostok and from there go to Anchorage. That will also complete your trip around the globe :) If you decide to go by the train to Vladivostok, just be careful, like the others suggest.

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