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GlacierWolf Question about Life, Alaska, Shooting, Hunting, Flying, and being the best human ever

GlacierWolf Question about Life, Alaska, Shooting, Hunting, Flying, and being the best human ever?
I am a long time resident of Alaska that actually knows what I am talking about. GlacierWolf my question for you is as follows. You have done more in your life then any one man can physically do or even imagine. I understand that you have served in all branches of the military. You have lived in every city in Alaska and then many more outside of Alaska. You are an amateur gunsmith that likes to brag about his accomplishments on Yahoo Answers. You even surprise me sometimes with new ones like how you are an audio and video engineer. If I am not mistaken you are an “Olympic class shooter” that never went to the Olympics making you not an “Olympic class shooter.” I wish it was possible to put 3 bullets in the same hole at 300 yards maybe an Olympian could do it. In your superhuman insight you reveal answers to questions that even puts the Alaska fish and game to shame. If I understand correctly Alaska has 26.1 million Caribou while fish and game puts the number closer to 900,000 I am just not sure who is correct. I know you are a world traveler but can you tell me where Alaska and Russia touch? The 5 times I have crossed the Canadian boarder 2 of which were with my dog that was not tattooed, and neither one of us had 200 dollars of cash on us. Come to think of it I also brought my 30-30 rifle with little to no trouble. The many times I traveled by air to and from Alaska I didn’t stop in Seattle. There is a flight everyday from Portland to Anchorage by AlaskaAir. During the summer there are flights from Denver, Chicago, LA, Hawaii, and many others that are direct to Anchorage. When you and your new wife open up your latest restaurant in Fairbanks maybe I will fly there on one of the many flights to enjoy. In closing I would like to get to my question. Do you enjoy telling lies or do you just don’t know the truth? I hope this helps “There are approximately 900,000 wild caribou in Alaska” – Alaska Department of Fish and Game “There are 26.1 million caribou in alaska’s largest herd” – Glacierwolf Somebody is lying. Who is it? Good luck. I am a professional photographer - so - lenses are my 'thing'. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. My wife and I have both worked in restaurants at one time in our lives. If you have any specific questions - feel free to email us. People, like me, who build these things - always have a national match or service match rifle handy to compair our work to. I owned about 12 AR's and spent 18 years shooting military competition before I built my first one from scratch. I live in Alaska. The problem is quite obvious why we hate Canadians. 95% of Alaska has to pass through Canada to get to Juneau, the capital of Alaska. We are not allowed to bring any form of food - meat, fish, etc - through the border. This means if I go to Juneau to fish and I catch a couple of nice 80lb halibut - I cannot bring it home. It also means when people from Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, Skagway etc etc come to the rest of Alaska they cannot hunt - because Canada will not allow them to bring the game meat home. In Alaska we all carry guns for brown bear protection - heaven help you if you show up at the Canadian border with a firearm!! Even if it is Canadian legal. They will make you sit for hours before they decide to let you through the border - just to punish you for being Alaskan and owning a firearm. This means you can miss your ferry connection at Hanes. Canadian's are feely allowed to enter Alaska. But, when an Alaskan goes to pass through Canada to drive to Seattle or the state capitol - we are required to have to have $200 cash in hand for each and every person in the car. Credit cards and check books do not count - they want to see $$ in American dollars. This means a family of 4 must have $800 cash in hand - and as you drive though Canada every crook and theif that recognizes you are Alaksan by your car's license plates knows they might be able to hold you up - and take your cash. Oh, and if anyone in your car has had a DUI at any time in their life - the Canadian border guards make them turn around! Even if it was 40 years ago. Not so much as the Canadian people we hate - we just hate the attitude of the Canadian border guards who hassel us. You cannot fly direct to Alaska without first stopping in Seattle. Your friend is not going to have a good time crossing the border - he will need to drive through Canada to get to Alaska. Canada law requires a health certificate for each animal - not a big deal when you arrive with one cat and one certificate........ but a real problem for a breeder who is traveling with allot of animals. Each animal will need to have a tatoo that identifies the animal and matches up with the health certificate. Today it will put 4 rounds inside the exact same hole at 200 yards with the TLG Suppressor installed. The groups open up a tad with the suppressor off.
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Who are you talking about?
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I would like glacierwolf to clarify long distance olympic class shooter. In all 15 target diciplins 50m is the max distance. Not long distance in my book.
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I read all with interest. The Caribou herd is puny compared to old times. The border crossings need clarification,we don't want war. The shooting 1 hole possible at 200 yards,I've done 2 and the 3rd less than an inch. Never can get three. Have we been given a distorted view? I read his answers all the time.Wishing to see a response. Would like to see this resolved amicably.
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I think this qualifies as a rant.
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Glacierwolf says: I am a long time Olympic Class military competition shooter. I am a regular at my states yearly pistol championships. First - 9mm is not allowed in competition. I got no clue what kinda competiton you are doing that uses a 9mm. Duh? For military, state, regional, and national shooting matches and competition the requirement is a 1911 45acp in ' as issued' condition. Although the rules will allow a Baretta 92F in "as issued" condition nobody in their right mind will use one - since even the US Army shooting team has not figured out a way to make a competition 92F model that can equal, let alone beat - the 1911. Second - Glocks, Sigs, Springfield XD's - these are all service carry and duty carry pistols. None of them are suitable for competition. Third - if you want a gun that is cheap to shoot and can be used in competition - you should be looking at a 22 long rifle pistol and probably a gun like the S&W Model 22a. This is a perfect enty level pistol for competiton and will not break the bank - it is quite affordable. Nobody should begin pistol shooting with anything except a 22lr. For $400 you can get a nice model 22a and 2,000 rounds of 22 ammo. Enough to become a really good shot. You go buy a 9mm and start learning to shoot on it - two years from now you will still be a lousy shot and only have $400 in spent brass + a 9mm pistol to show for your troubles........ so - the choice - do you want to have a bag of spent cases come 2012 or would you like to have a nice 22 pistol, nice 9mm pistol, and be a good shot for the same money? Hope this helps He also says: I am a former Olympic Class military long distance competiton shooter. That does not make me a sniper. I have trained with sniper, fired matches against snipers and won - but - that still don't make me a sniper. 'Sinper' is the term for a highly trained military shooter skilled at infiltrating any terrain (jungle, rural, urban, city) and hitting a designated target. In the hands of such a person - a BB gun becomes a sniper rifle. Think of it this way. Just because you own a house with a full kitchen stove, blender, toaster, microwave oven, and tons of pots and pans - it does not make you a chef. In the hands of a skilled chef - an egg on a camp fire is gonna taste out of this world! Who is to say what is a sniper rifle and what is a non-sniper rifle? Or, the difference between an expensive match rifle and a sniper rifle? What most people call 'sniper' rifles is actually a match rifle - but - just because you own it, does not make it a sniper rifle unless you have the skills and training. Hope this helps.
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Lol what is this crap?
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Let the purges begin.... GW and the Newt off to the gulag.
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Touche' Bro!
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Well, thanks for the advisory about traveling to Canada.

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