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Flights from Russia Far East to US Alaska

Flights from Russia Far East to US Alaska?
Are there any such flights? The information that I could find was contradictory and it takes me so long to read Russian that I am going crazy trying to find the answer on websites... I would be very grateful if somebody could help? At some point there was a flight from Petropavlovsk Kamtschski, to Anchorage, Alaska... That's all I could find out but I couldn't find any tickets on sale for this route. Thanks Alex, but actually, your comment illustrates the problem. They say the flight is operating, but when I go to the airline, there is no option to buy the ticket. If I select Petropavlovsk-Kamtschatskij as departure point, then only internal Russian destinations are available to select. I need a website where I can order the ticket...
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They had flights in the summer of 2008. I don't know about 2009. You can ask them through site about existing of such flights from Russia to Alaska. They should to know:
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Hi I posted you question on and got some answers. Here is one of them: ------------Flights from VVO to ANC (Alyaska) available only on summer season. here is a russian air craft Vladivostok Airlines . You should check information on this site in May-June. -------------------- Check more answers to your question here (so far 8 more answers):

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