Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Isn't there still something fishy about Caribou Barbie's story about delivering her recent baby

Isn't there still something fishy about Caribou Barbie's story about delivering her recent baby?
She was in Texas when her water broke a month early. But instead of going to a hospital there she gave a speech, then took a flight to Seattle and another to Anchorage and then drove to Wasilla and gave birth 12 hours or so after her water broke. Airlines obviously wouldn't let you on the plane if you're 8 months pregnant and your water just broke. What's up with that story - something still isn't quite right. It's funny how in denial some people are over this. I don't have to have had babies to know that when your water breaks, you don't get on a plane so you can deliver 12 hours later and a rinky dink hospital.
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1 :
No. But there' is a lot that stinks about 'Lil B.O.
2 :
It is odd, pictures of her at that time show that she didn't look very pregnant either.
3 :
You must have missed the information that the airline she flew on doesn't have a requirement about pregnant passengers. They leave it up to the discretion of the passenger. Drop it already.
4 :
Not worth the effort to answer.
5 :
How many babys have you had?
6 :
Only in the minds of smear mongers like you....Why do you care about when her water broke, do you know how ridiculous you sound?
7 :
You don't have to give birth just because your water broke. You should, however, take an immediate trip to the doc.
8 :
ur right.. something is off there.. but it will all come out in the end!
9 :
What's with liberals anyway? Do you have to come up with slurry nicknames for every non-liberal? Grow up.
10 :
'Caribou Barbie'!!!!!!! LOL!
11 :
Yes, but please do not expect the kool aid drinkers to give you an intelligent response. There are some among us that are afraid of the truth.
12 :
Only in the desperate minds of Liberals. An entire State saw her through an entire pregancy --DUH!
13 :
Then how did Stanley get on a plane from Kenya to Hawaii?
14 :
She handled it well didn't she and had the baby.
15 :
Well you are assuming she told the airline, now aren't you? Unless she hung a sign around her neck, the airline wouldn't know, and are not permitted to request a physical exam before boarding her. Are you voting for the OB of the year or president/vice president? I think your investigative skills are misdirected.
16 :
Look..............let's just all demand a DNA test and get it over with!!! How hard can it be? some campaign spittle here..........some foaming at the mouth there.......and viola........you got your DNA sample from Caribou Barbie. Now ya just need one dirty diaper from their trash....and there's your answer. Better get Ken Starr on this, and spend $40,000,000 of the taxpayers money to get at the bottom of this scandal!!!!!! and should it all check out........oh well........money well spent, right?
17 :
Yes, its weird
18 :
I am not done with that story either. Did you see the photos of her 4th pregnancy? Compare those with her last pregnancy. Something doesn't smell right..... McCain/Palin CHANGE THAT WON'T HAPPEN Country First Obama/Biden
19 :
You liberals always say you for the woman Here we have a strong decisive woman who with against her own party's corupt reps. problem is she is not Liberal. Therefore she is the devil to libs. Oh, I can see your fear. How about this for an answer to you question. She is one tough monkey water breaks got a speach to give SUCK IT UP. Thats tough and if she was a leberal you would be calling her super woman. HA
20 :
Yes! Everyone knows there is. But Reps. will not admit it until it blows up in their faces, and some of them won't even do it then. If she came right out and admitted it, they'll say we drove her into insanity and forced her to make a false confession LOL!
21 :
I'm deeply concerned about the judgment of a woman who would bypass the excellent hospitals available in Texas, to fly while in labor with a high risk pregnancy. Down Syndrome kids can have many complications besides the obvious at birth. This was no time to play frontier woman if indeed she WAS pregnant. While it was foolish enough to delay proper medical attention over an unbelievable span of 11 hours [many fifth time mothers would've delivered by then, BTW], she bypassed an Anchorage medical center with a fine NICU to drive to a small town hospital--which has no record of the birth. Come on, people. If she didn't put herself up as this paragon of virtue on behalf of teens everywhere, no one would care. This whole charade at Bristol's expense is both tragic and ugly, and deserves to be investigated. It is no longer a private family matter, but instead a question of personal and political integrity.
22 :
Every woman's labor is different. She may have had really long labors with her prior 4 children and knew she wouldn't have a problem. She has had 4 children before- she may have learned a thing or two about giving birth. Not airlines have pregnancy requirements and anyhow she was probably on a chartered private plane. Exactlly what point are you trying to make of this story anyway?
23 :
Of course there somthing crazy about it but people will say anything to get what they want and who they want in office weather its right or wrong thats politics.
24 :
She's hiding something, we just don't know the full story yet. If she's so pure, how about some DNA tests? One thing for sure, that right wing abstinence and no birth control program she touts to make herself look holy, sure produces disasters. That zinger of a baby, whoever it belongs to, sure is going to have a miserable life. She'll never be around to care for it, that's for sure. Then there's the bastard in the oven....exactly what is the hold up on the shotgun wedding anyway? Maybe if she wasn't in her church praying for another pipeline she'd have more time to attend to being a decent mother. Caribou Barbie seems more Bush-like than even Bush himself. Can you believe she even denies global warming, just like Bush? Someone show her the news report of the 19 square mile ice chunk that just broke off Canada, hello. She'll be best watched from a great distance..

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