Monday, September 7, 2009

after learning all the following do you think sarah palin put her career before that of her unborn child

after learning all the following do you think sarah palin put her career before that of her unborn child?
1. she went to iraq after learning she was pregnant. 2. after learning her child had down syndrome and would be a difficult pregnancy she still traveled the country. 3. after learning that she was leaking amniotic fluid while in Dallas, she decided to give a speech and then board a flight to Seattle. She and the crew both state that she never told them she was in labor. 4. after arriving at Seattle and waiting for a flight to Anchorage she never sought medical attention. 5. After getting on a flight to Alaska she never told the flight crew that she was in labor and leaking amniotic fluid. She states this as well as the crew. 6. After arriving at Anchorage the city in the state with the best postnatal and prenatal care she then gets on a road trip and travels to a clinic in a very small town that doesnt even have a record of the birth. so I ask if she only wanted to have the child in alaska at all cost, why didnt seek medical attention in Anchorage? If your doctor told you that it was no big deal for you to make a speech, take a couple of flights across a couple of countries, then take a road trip and come in when you feel like, (which ended up being 22 hours later) even though they knew you were leaking amniotic fluid, the child had down syndrome and was coming a month early, wouldn't you ask for a second opinion? Since Sarah Palin agrees that what a woman does to an unborn child is her business, so do I believe that what she does to her unborn child is my business.
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1 :
Probably, but I don't know that I can fault her for that. She seems to have put a career in front of what is good for the country by accepting a nomination to a job that she is totally unqualified for. I can fault her for that.
2 :
Good point. Maybe if she had stayed home once in a while, her 17 year old daughter wouldn't be knocked up.
3 :
Well, those are not the actions of a thinking, caring person. But when your career is the most important thing going I guess you do what you have to regardless of any consequences.

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