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What are the first things you do when you return home from a long trip

What are the first things you do when you return home from a long trip?
I returned home last night just after midnight after what seemed like a grueling day of travel even though it was only a 5 and a half hour flight from Anchorage to Los Angeles. I dumped my luggage in the living room and started searching for my cats. Then I sat down on the couch and had about a 2 hours love fest with them on the couch while I watched the first two episodes of Project Runway that had taped on TiVo. What do you do?
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1 :
head to d kitchen right away!!
2 :
3 :
I unpack my luggage and relax. If it's really late, I just go to bed right away.
4 :
Take a shower, drink lots of water, and do my wife. Not necessarily in that order.
5 :
I go to my laptop like always and check my email. Sometimes I go straight to bed.
6 :
Two things : Eat, Sleep Simple as that
7 :
Had a piss.
8 :
Go to the toilet!
9 :
10 :
Honestly,just SLEEEEEP
11 :
Bathroom >.<
12 :
Chuck all my bags on the floor and go to sleep =-P Lol
13 :
A warm water bath and a cozy sleep for 3 hours.
14 :
Take a shower, then if it's daytime, take a nap. If it's night, I just go to bed
15 :
The first thing I would do is probably shower and change into clean, comfortable clothing. Then I might dump the contents of my suitcase onto my bedroom floor so I would have some motivation to deal with all of the stuff, instead of leaving them there until I decide they're really becoming a problem. I would then go greet my cats enthusiastically and watch some TV.
16 :
I would pretty much do the same as you. My animals are always my first priority. They tend to get a little upset with me if I'm gone for very long. I would also relax, watch a little tv, and save the rest for the next day.
17 :
Unpack my luggage, take a hot shower then go straight to my bed. I'd deal with anything else later.
18 :
When I come home from a trip, I empty my suitcase and put the things away. I cannot stand to look at the suitcase anymore. I want my things where they belong. I then spend some time with my cats, both inside and out. The ones inside will be following me around as if they had not seen me in years. lol I then go and say hello to my dogs and cows. After that, my grandson and I sit down to play something. I usually pick him up on my way home from the airport. I would not have seen him in a couple of weeks and we usually spend at least a few days together a week. I am very lucky that I am able to do that. He is 3 now and he will be in school before I know it.
19 :
That sounds reasonable to me. Usually, if it's been a long trip, I go plug in the refrigerator, check my e-mail and do a preliminary sort through my regular mail to make sure there's nothing urgent. Then I relax.
20 :
I don't feel like I am truly home until I unpack and put everything away. The way I figure it the bulk of the day has already been blown physically relocating my person, might as well invest an additional hour to be completely done with the remaining details of the trip. It gives me a formal sense of closure. That way once I collapse on the couch to watch a good movie and enjoy a glass of wine or a snifter of good single malt scotch while reflecting on my travels I can really consider myself "home" instead of knowing that I still have trip related things to attend to.

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