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I've travelled all 50 states of America...the best state is...well, what do you thi

I've travelled all 50 states of America...the best state is...well, what do you thi?
Between November and January, my best friend and I went to the United States (we're from Ireland) to travel through all 50 states. We drove through 48 states, took a flight from New York to Anchorage, Alaska, then back to Seattle for a connection to Honolulu finishing off all 50 states. I had the time of my life and would recommend it for anyone. What I'll say about he US is that it's people were probably the friendliest that I've ever had the pleasure to meet. The best state, which surprised me, was the great state of Ohio. Every single person in that state was friendly, welcoming and would go out of their way to help you. We met a family outside a resturant in Ohio and got talking to them about our travels. When they found out we had no plans for Christmas day they invited us to join them in their home, we couldn't accept but they insisted. We ended up having an awesome Christmas meal with a great family. I still keep in touch, they'll have a place in Ireland if ever needed. Other greats were Arizona, Idaho, Alaska, California, Texas, they were all great. A truly great country. So that's my opinion of the best - what do you think, what's your favourite State of the USA that you've been to?
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1 :
For me, it would have to be Hawaii.
2 :
Wyoming! Because of Yellowstone National Park. Beautiful!
3 :
Not Michigan...everyone is all depressed. :(
4 :
I've been to 35 States and by far for me the number 1 is California and number is 2 New York .
5 :
OMG..Ohio is the correct :) I was skimming this and i didnt see where you said ohio, and I was like..ohio is the best..and then I fully read your answer and it actually said Ohio!
6 :
Hawaii, baby!
7 :
Texas is amazing! We have alittle bit of everything!
8 :
I'm glad you had a good time. It really depends on your individual experience, though. My best friend lives in Ohio and absolutely hates it - she says no one has any sense of humor at all, and if her colleagues are any example, they spend most of their time backstabbing one another! I can't say there's a "best" state, since I've spent years in some states and only a few hours in others. That also means that in some places I've seen the entire state, while in others I may have been limited to a single city or the part of the state that my road crossed. Knowing how different one part of a state can be from another, that makes it more than a little unfair. Personally, I love the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon). I like New York, and have been much more impressed with New Jersey than one might expect. Minnesota is beautiful, and the people there are so friendly that there is a whole expression about people being "Minnesota nice". Idaho was scenic, but I never met any people there, so I can't speak to that!
9 :
Thanks first off for your kind remarks about us Americans as it seems that it is the popular thing to do is criticize us. My Grand Father was half Irish and Half Cherokee indian so he had the Irish humor and loved to tell Irish jokes. Now for my favorite state that for me is difficult as i grew up in Arizona was born in California but lived in Nebraska and now Kansas.I've been to many of our states and found wonderful people in all of them all different races and religious beliefs. But i always end up placing Nebraska at the top of my list. Nebraska has a very much varied landscape and history and the people native to the state has got to be the most loyal people i've ever known to there home state and there very proud of it and like right now with the economy in America the way it is they are proud there state made much more conservative decisions compared to others as it shows with there lower unemployment which i believe only North Dakota has a lower rate.So thanks again for your kind remarks and GOD BLess Ireland..
10 :
my favorite state is CT, though not a lot of friendly people, but there are tons of laid back people.
11 :
Michigan. What makes Michigan so great is the Upper Peninsula. It is a mini Alaska.

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