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PLANE TICKET HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLANE TICKET HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I am actually trying to get three tickets. One is to send my brother in law home to IL and two other tickets to help my sister in law to come to Alaska with us. I cant seem to find any prices that will fit my budget ($700.00). I am trying to send him from Anchorage AK to Chicago IL and vice versa for my sister in law can someone please tell me were I can go to get the prices I can afford. And also I got to prepaid credit cards one with ($500.00) and the other with only ($200.00). so that also makes it difficult. because they wont accept two cards to purchase flight only one. so some how I need to have the two tickets on the ($500.00) and the one ticket on the ($200.00). so if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it and I am sorry if this is to long and confusing.
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you should/could go to travel agent they can handle two types of payments online sites or you call the airline on the phone the travel agent is the best way to go they might find some better deals too
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hi, I dont know how much this will help but i'll give it a try. If you go onto there will be a box mid way down the page that says bid on your airplane ticket, or something to that extent. You will plug in where you want to leave from and arrive to, and the person whose name will appear on the ticket, then you enter in all of your information, with the prepaid cards. Then it will ask you what price you want to pay for a roundtrip ticket, but you will have to put the credit card information in as well without knowing if they will accept your price. If it accepts your price, your card will be billed, if not it will not charge your card and show you the prices that are available. The hitch with this plan is that you will not know the departing or arriving time untill the ticket is bought, so your chancing it.. Because you cant find any tickets in your budget and you are buying the tickets i dont think your sis in law or brother in law can be choosy. If it doesnt accept your pre paid cards, my only advice is to see if you can cash them in at your bank, or from an ATM. Also try and hope this helps : )
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You can try this travel website. Not sure if this site can take both prepaid cards at one time, but it's worth a try? The travel site is Hope this helps!
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Hello, I understand your frustration in not being able to purchase a ticket with two methods of payment over the internet. Here are the steps I recommend. * to help you find a cheap flight, go to or Either of the two sites search almost every major airline ticketing database to find you the best price. * when you find a ticket that is within your budget (keep in mind that you might not), call that airline directly. You will see the airline name above the price on either of the two above websites. You CANNOT book a flight using two credit cards on most airline websites, so you need to have an airline representative do this for you over the telephone. Good luck, and happy flying!

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