Sunday, November 7, 2010

ok,i really really need some help about minors flying ??Please help

ok,i really really need some help about minors flying ??Please help?
So i've never been on a plane in my life.I live in orlando florida and my mom just moved to anchorage alaska and i want to fly there this summer,i asked U.S airlines but they said they do not have non stop flights,and since im a minor i obviously cant go on a overlay since ill be by myself,how does it work??How much do u think it would cost roundtrip,and does a flight attendent stay with you?????????? Thank you so much,i really need answers-rose
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Most of the airlines will allow an unaccompanied minor for an extra fee. Often the extra fee is around $50 for each landing. A flight attendant stays with the minors and gets them to their connecting flights. They also have rules prohibiting flying on the last flight of the day, so that they do not risk spending the night if the flight is canceler. Kids of 16 or so can fly by themselves. Every airline has different rules and different fees.
2 :
Up to 14 you will be taken to the plain by a airline attendant and escorted to your next flight and at your destination someone will have to pick you up that has a valid ID.As for the price you will have to go on the computer or call the airlines
3 :
Whether or not you'd be allowed to take any layover flights will depend upon your age. If you're 12 or under, virtually all airlines will only permit you on direct flights in most cases unless an attendant is available for an additional fee. That's up to the airline if they offer the service and what the fee is if they do. If you're 15 or older, virtually all of them will allow you to take indirect flights. I've put my kid on indirect flights with no problems at all when he was as young as 14.
4 :
It is not true that you cannot travel non-stop if you are a minor. Every airline has a UM (Unaccompanied Minor) program where for an extra fee, they will have an airline agent or vendor meet the UM at the gate, take them to a UM room until it is time for the next flight, then they will be taken to the flight.

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