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Is Bristol Palin really Trigs mother? Sarah's explanation seems unlikely.

Is Bristol Palin really Trigs mother? Sarah's explanation seems unlikely. ?
from this site: Palins birth story is unlikely because: 1. Never looked pregnant, and did look pregnant with the other 4 kids 2. With her water breaking, she missed 3 opportunities to go to a hospital 3. Didn't take extra care, but she knew the kid had Downs. 4. Bristol was missing from school for a long time. 5. The doctor who ALLEGEDLY delivered the baby, owes Palin for her govt. job. 6. The doctor who ALLEGEDLY delivered the baby, is no birth specialist but a MENTAL health doctor. 7. The doctor who ALLEGEDLY delivered the baby, made a brief statement about it all and the hospital director never spoke to the press. from the site: =======begin quote======= =================== I've been investigating this for nearly a month now, and I cannot say that I know for sure what happened in Palmer Alaska on April 18th 2008. But as a medical professional who has spent much of my life around childbearing women I can state this with confidence: Her birth story is utterly absurd, a tale of an implausible series of ridiculous choices. If you want to call it "a lie," be my guest. No 44 year old woman, pregnant for the fifth time with a special-needs child would make the decisions she made, and no doctor would support them. She traveled out of state during the 35th week of her pregnancy. After experiencing premature rupture of membranes and some contractions, she waited nearly ten hours to give a speech then traveled nearly twelve hours more, taking two separate flights both of which had flight times of around four hours, with a layover of approximately two hours in between. Expected duration of labor for someone with Gov. Palin's history (four previous vaginal births) would be 6 hours +/- 3.6 hours. It was not only "possible" that she would give birth long before she arrived back in Alaska, it was probable. And, while it's just barely believable that she would remain at a conference and wait to give a speech she was "determined to give" (since a modern hospital was only minutes away), there's no way one can apply this same reasoning to her subsequently getting on an airplane for two separate four-hour flights. Yet, after somehow beating the statistics on the flights, once arriving in Anchorage, she did not drive to the only hospital in the state (Providence) with a neonatal intensive care unit (six miles from the airport) where her doctor had privileges. Instead, she drove an hour to a small regional health facility (only 39 beds in the whole hospital). By the time she arrived there, she met five high-risk obstetric criteria: *she was 44 (anything above 40(some sources say 37 or 39)) is considered high-risk due to maternal age; * she was carrying a known high-risk infant; *she was considered "grand multiparous" (five or more viable pregnancies); * she was in labor at 35-36 weeks (anything before 37 weeks is considered pre term); * her amniotic sac had been ruptured nearly 24 hours. Yet, the hospital that she is reported to have given birth at does no high risk obstetrics at all; even twins are not allowed to be born there. She had as her physician a family practice doctor who is reported on the hospital's web site as having done only three births in the previous two years! None of these choices makes sense. Taken all together, it's ridiculous. And, to repeat, we're also supposed to believe that somewhere there is a doctor who went along with all this. With this as the "starting point," then you have to start looking at all the other coincidences. Any one of these items, alone, could be easily shrugged off. Without a birth story that resembles Mr. Toad's Wild Ride more than anything else, one of two of these would beinsignificant. But, all of this together? What are the chances? =======end quote======= @Rayne Storm If she lied about it, she probably was wearing a pregnant suit, or simply some sorta pillow. That photo proves nothing. How do we know its not photoshopped taken when she was preg with another kid? We don't. All of the facts mentioned are not denied by Palin @Malcolm Equis not irrelevant, she still has control or huge influence over millions of Alaskans dollars ....
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1 :
welll ~ she did hide her health records ~ she refuses to release them
2 :
Wow theres actually a website solely dedicated to talking smack about Palin? I have to say I'm impressed.
3 :
We all know Sarah Palin is a liar, we all know her daughter is promiscuous. So I really have no doubt that this is just another Sarah Palin lie that needs to be exposed.
4 :
Maybe, maybe not. It's fairly irrelevant now. Add-on: Unless you are Alaskan, why do you care what happens to that money? And if you are Alaskan, you need to vote to deal with her. The people of Alaska voted her in, so they must like her. So let them keep her. Besides, even if she did all these things you say, at best its only to save the reputation of her daughter. If you have a problem with how she handles the money, then attack that. But what is the problem with letting her try to keep her daughter's honor intact? She isn't affecting me anymore, so what is the difference?
5 :
i really dont see y this matters. do u want the police to arrest her or sumthing
6 :
Well, Sarah is entitled to a little privacy for her family. If it is indeed Bristol's child, so what? Sarah is a much better candidate to mother a special needs child. And you have forgotten perhaps that this happened in Alaska? We have planes able to fly in zero visibility and pressurize to sea level for medivacs, but we don't have many of them. We also have the best telemedicine setup in the world. I remember it helped a doctor in Kotzebue perform an emergency laparotomy when the medivac plane was already enroute to Anchorage with a cardiac patient (a 550 mile flight). Lives were saved by a family practice physician under telemedicine instruction from a surgeon ... So, this may diminish the validity of some of your arguments and are provided more in terms of an FYI than a criticism. If you want to pursue this theory, feel free. But don't expect any resolution or revelation, because it rarely happens. If you get enough information to satisfy yourself, you will be among the lucky.
7 :
Try to catch up...The website that STARTED that nonsense, admitted that they made it up, and decided to put an end to it because they said it was making them "look stupid"...How do you think it makes YOU look to try to keep it going months after they admitted it was bullshit? It looks like everyone was aware of it but you: PS: They knew the baby would have Down Syndrome because they did an amniocentesis test to check for it, due to Palin's age...Amnio is how Down's is detected, and they do NOT do amnio on teenagers...Amniocentesis is performed on pregnant women who are 40 or older (some doctors will check at the age of 35, but not before) to check for DS.
8 :
Teenagers do not have babies with down syndrome. This is the silliest/stupidest rumor ever. Do you think Obama killed his grandma before he was elected so that she couldn't tell anyone he wasn't born in America? Well he is hiding his birth it must be true. Don't you see how loony all of this sounds? Liberals are bad losers and worse winners. Not too bright either.
9 :
Why do you care? I do not understand this obsession with Governor Palin. Please help me understand why so many people have spent so much time and effort investigating this woman and her family. Whats the deal??
10 :
my goodness, and you libs say that WE are the one's that must accept that the election is over? I guess that you got to do some more gossipy garbage, cuz you know that she is a true threat. look out 2012
11 :
As a High Risk Labor and Delivery Nurse everything you have put together is a bunch of crap! Why? Lets start with the fact that Trigg has Down's Syndrome which is almost 100% due to the fact that Sarah is of Advanced Maternal Age over 35 years old- yours chances for a baby with Down's is increased to over a 50% of a chance. Her daughter being a teen rules out that she would have a high risk for Down's syndrome baby less then 1%. Secondly, I have had women come in whom did not know they had Spontaneous Ruptures of Membranes because it was a slow leak and if you go beyond 24 hours you have risk for Coreo which can cause an infection for the baby yet many do not end up with it. Finally, many women will deliver where they feel comfortable and where they have a physician and staff they trust- if they have a special care nursery that is sufficient for a baby with Down's if it requires the NICU which often it does not why bother being that far from home? She would have known months in advance it the heart on Ultra Sound did not look good as with some Down's baby's they can have heart issues- he did not! Ultimately, none of the information you presented is logical.....
12 :
This sounds like the birth certificate scandal. I do not understand why the people who believe that Obama is not a citizen can not believe this. I will say though that either your story is true or Sarah Palin put her child in danger for no real reason which is remarkable that a parent would do that to a child.
13 :
Really? I'm a Democrat and I'm saying really?
14 :
And she coordinated all that so she could SNEAK BRISTOL in to the hospital and give birth as soon as she got there???? Yeah, right you're a medical professional. You fail to answer one simple question... Why go to such extremes? There were so many other ways to hide or explain Bristol's (assumed) pregnancy than her faking a pregnancy for almost nine months... especially in her highly visible position. I mean really... The depths to which you conspiracy theorists will go are beyond ridiculous.
15 :
Listen to all the conservative hospital workers who posted previously. They know more than you on this matter. Sarah Palin released all of her medical records without problems unlike Obama and they state her as being the mother of Trig. That's all on this issue. Oh, my gosh! You're name is funny! You're trying to be sneaky!!!!
16 :
Ridiculous. Don't you think the liberal media would have run a story on it on Primetime tv if it were true? And what on earth could be the motive anyway? Bristol has one on the way and she's not giving it away to anyone. You people have serious issues with all your crazy conspiracy theories.

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