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acceleration questions. only three. 50 points!

acceleration questions. only three. 50 points!?
10.) A 5.22 x 10^7(to the seventh) kg luxury cruise ship is moving at its top speed as it comes into port. The ship then undergoes an acceleration equal to -0.357 m/s^2 (squared) until it comes to rest at is anchorage. How large must the unbalanced force acting on the ship be in order to bring th ship to rest at the proper location? 11.) The force that stops a jet lane as it lands on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier is provided by a series of arresting cables. These cables act like xtremely stiff rubber bands, stretching enough to keep from slowing the plane down too suddenly. A Hornet jet with a mass of 1.3x10^4 (to the fourth power) kg lands with an acceleration of -27.6 m/s^2 (squared). How large must the unbalanced force that the arresting cables exert on the plane? 12.) The giant sequoia redwood trees of the Sierra Nevda mountains in California are said never to die from old age. Instead, an old tree died when its shallow roots become loosened and the tree falls over. Removing a head mature redwood from a forest is no easy feat, as the tree can have a mass of nearly 2.0 x 10^6 kg (to the sixth power). Suppose a redwood with this mass if lifted with an overall upward acceleration of 0.85 m/s^2 (sqaured) . How large is the unbalanced force lifting the tree? Okay so these past weeks I've been extremely ill and now trying to catch up with school work. One the hardest things is going into something you haven't been taught...and this is one of them. I tried solving these three questions but don't understand and not sure they are correct or not. F (force) M (measurement) A (acceleration) F =ma The units are; F = N m= kg a= m over seconds squared 1N= 1kg * m OVER seconds squared. Please give answer and how you came up with it. Thanks SO much!
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You just need to insert the information into the equation. 10a.) Write what you know M=5.22 x 10^7 kg A=.357 m/s^2 F= ? 10b.) Write relevant equations F=MA 10c.) Plug and Chug F=52,200,000 kg( .357 m/s^2) F=52,200,000(.357) ,F=kg(m/s^2) F=18,635,400 ,F=N F=18,635,400 N 11a.) M=1.3 x10^4 kg A=-27.6 m/s^2 F=? 11b.) F=MA 11c.) F=13,000 kg (-27.6 m/s^2), ('') F=13,000(-27.6) , ('') F=[TYPE IT IN THE CALCULATOR!!!] N 12a.) M=2 x10^6 kg A=.85 m/s^2 F=? 12b.) F=MA 12c.) F=2,000,000 kg(.85m/s^2), ('') F=2,000,000(.85) , ('') F=[FIND THAT YOURSELF] N

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