Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Palin's World Experienced

Palin's World Experienced?
Considering Palin's excellent possibility of ending up our President if they get elected, does the following concern you? Does she not seem ....unworldly, inexperienced in world affairs, let alone travels? "More worrisome is an incurious intellect that dovetails regrettably with Palin's past as a beauty queen. "Ms. Palin appears to have traveled very little outside the United States," reported The Times. "In July 2007, she had to get a passport before she visited members of the Alaska National Guard stationed in Kuwait." Yet Anchorage is a major hub for flights to Japan, Korea and China. She never felt like checking out Canada? " http://news.yahoo.com/s/ucru/20080904/cm_ucru/sarahpalinqueenofthenobodies Added: To me this is a very serious issue. She could very easily become President. This woman has zippo experience--she gives Obama's resume quite a boost. Let's not forget, Obama is a Harvard Lawyer, a Constitutional/Civil Rights Lawyer, and very successful. I am from the East Coast but spent 12 years in Idaho. I am very familiar with the University of Idaho. She does not impress me: She has, in fact, left a 22 million debt! This woman's financial experience is a fiasco. She can't govern her own family, how could she possibly govern the US? She has NO experience overseas, no foreign experience at all. And we can't compare her to Obama, we must compare her to Biden. Biden and Palin are the VP nominees. Compare Biden's experience with Palin. What do you come up with? Let's face it, Palin's beauty queen status is just that....Trohpy VP. PS. The passport point was missed. Her lack of a Passport indicates her overseas experience. I have a passport---have had it for 10 years. I have been to Europe, I have more experience overseas than Palin. Oh, and I have been to Canada(and the islands)--because I wanted to know who are neighbors are...as a politician, don't you think she should have shown SOME curiousity??? Some inclination towards foreign relations??
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You will need a passport to go to Canada eventually, but right now they're not enforcing it (to get back though is annother story). Although I live next to Canada so apparently I'm an expert on Foreign relations, just like Palin because her state is several thousand miles away from the Russian capital. Don't worry, watch a few McCain ads and it will start to make sense.
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Well, she's just running for VP and HAS experience. Obama has none!!! Don't you guys get that you can't use this argument b/c your own guy has Zippo experience. It won't work for you. find a new strategy.
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oh yeah Obama is a much better choice since he spent all those years in Indonesia. This is a joke. Palin is more experienced than Obama. yet dem.s want us to believe she shouldn't be VP but he's ready to be president
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OK, regale me in the world accomplishments of Barak Obama. I'll wait. Put the MoveOn talking points down and do some research on your own.
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I personally, posted a similar question about her passport status a few days ago. I believe its a huge issue. How can you lead a nation and interact with leaders all over the world if you've never left its borders - except to visit a US military base? Many Americans - those who have not traveled or been outside its borders - don't feel this is a big deal. To anyone with more experience or intellect, we KNOW its a issue! Its the whole point!! ** Glenn B. - you do now need a passport to go to Canada.
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Palin has no world experience because she can't handle reality as it exists in most of the world. That's why she ran off to Alaska. She couldn't take the all that hectic craziness down in Idaho.
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Keep trying the experience stchick yeah that will work she has been a mayor a Governor a business owner she has more executive experience than the 2 democrats have.. she has ran a state the only thing Obama has ran his is mouth.
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Here is a little insight to us small town people I grew up in a town of 250 but we lived 13 miles out of town I went in the navy out of high school went to 30 country's in 5 yrs then I went to collage and then worked construction and traveled to 46 states I now live 2 miles from were I was born and the hole time I was gone I was home sick 25 yrs I was home sick my wife and my son ask me one day why did I ever leave my only answer to my wife was so could find you.

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