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What if I go into labor on the plane

What if I go into labor on the plane?
Okay, first of all PLEASE just trust me that I am allowed and REQUIRED to fly at 36 weeks along to a birthing facility. I live in the Bush of Alaska in a town with no hospital and my doctor will literally stick me on the plane if I don't go willingly. They aren't set up for emergencies here and insurance pays for the ticket. I'm going to Ohio which is 12 hours of flying with the longest being a 7 hour flight and PLEASE don't tell me to go to Anchorage unless you have the $ for a 42 day hotel stay. Folks are in Ohio. :) My question is, hypothetically if I would go into labor in the air, then what? Has anybody birthed on the way to the hospital who could share insight or tips? I just want to be prepared for anything. I HAVE to go on the plane. Or would YOU just pop out your first at home with no midwife or doctor or anything? What if I need a C section? It's 42 days because I have to be out of here legally by my 36th week. I didn't want to fly back the day she's born and had to book tickets in case I go overdue too. They do this all the time actually...Every woman who gets pregnant here is kicked off the island at 36 weeks. I don't know about 30 days of night. It's deadliest catch though...Dutch Harbor. I know God's got it, I am just entertaining the scenario of what ifs...I can't leave any earlier actually because I am 35 weeks. I leave mothers day. I didn't move here until recently and my insurance only kicked in from our new job April 1st. I know, complicated huh? There actually is NO midwife! It's an island of a couple thousand people. There is no hospital just a clinic.
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Tough question to answer but I honestly have no clue, never thought of that if you had a baby on a plane lol
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you can name your child Sky.
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well the simple answer to this is DONT GO ON THE PLANE
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Relax, Mom. Women have been having babies wherever they happened to be for millions of years. Your baby will come whenever it's ready and there's not that much you can do about it. One thing: stay hydrated and try not to eat on the flight or don't eat much because (gross, I know) if you have to start pushing, waste product will be pushed out at the same time. Otherwise, just make sure you have clean blankets and grab a brand new pack of shoelaces to tie off the cord, if necessary. They can cut it after you land. Congratulations, btw!
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I too live in Alaska and if you were to go into labor in the air they would land at a airport near a hospital rather it be Fairbanks, Anchorage or any where a long the way. If they do that you could have to pay for the landing though.
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dont worry and its in gods hands. what happens happens. just curious but why a 42 day hotel stay? you should be ok. I dot know of anyone who birthed on the way to hospital but have heard of it happening. good luck and congrats. just one stupid question; is that where the movie 30 days of night takes place? in the town you live in? when are you going? cant you go sooner?
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im sure if they know your situation then they will probably be prepared for it. Im sure that they have to know what to do in emergencies like that. This is really something that you need to call your doctor and speak to him about as its a really rare situation your in. Or alternatively you could call up a few airlines and see what they say and see what they offer in situations like yours. Good Luck x
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WOW what a strange predicament to be in, i suggest you do just what they tell you to do, if you dont get on the plane you could be in need of a dr and one might not be available to help you, if you do im guessing you will have a dr escort you incase somethign happens?! I suggest not to panic about this as its likely to get you worked up and could cause you to go into labour anyway so remain as calm as you can and just go with the flow and things should work out fine!! I havent gone into labour on the way to the hospital but i can imagine the experience is a scary one, as long as you make sure you know everything and that the pilot is aware of whats going on incase he does need to land somewhere then i think all will be ok, do you know if the health insurance also allows you to have a dr present while your on the plane? i dont understand how these thinsg work im in the uk we dont have health insurance here most of us just use the NHS which is free. but look into it as much as possible so that if the worst happens (worst being you do go into labour on the plane) then you know what to expect and you know how to deal with it! Good luck and i hope all goes well for you take care and take it easy xxxxxx
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There's no way I would fly. I'd get a midwife. In a town that small in the bush you can't tell me there's no midwife between there and Ohio. Worst case, I'd go three weeks early and hope the cabin pressure isn't too much for the baby. Good luck.
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Hey hun. Relax! Your doctor has approved the flight and for obvious reasons. You are going to stay with family and I get that too.....That's sweet the insurance is buying the ticket by the way. Why is the doc waiting until you are about to pop to put you on the plane? Why not a few weeks ago? I am just asking not snipping. Just curious. Mabye you had to work or couldn't go then....I know. Well is this your first kid? How fas did your mom give birth? If you have a sister how fast did she go into labor if she had a child? Immediate family is a good indication, not 100% but it will give you some idea. If you had a kid before, it may go a lot quicker. If not.....you could be in labor for a few days. My sister was in labor for 3 days with her first. Yha. Ouch. Well best wishes with having a healthy baby!!! :)
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Hey there! I too am an Alaskan woman! I totally get it! I am just curious...do you qualify for DKC or medicaid? I did and it paid for our stay at the Hickel House at Prov. in Anchorage...I know it would be awesome to stay with parents but not needed if you are DKC or medicaid. If you go into labor in the air it isnt like you are gonna have no signs...your water may break giving you a heads up and or you will have contractions that increase in strenght and frequency so if you go into labor you will know and when you start to labor make sure you let the crew know! I was told by my doctor that the landing is hardest on the uterus so IF you went into labor while in flight more that likely it would be during the landing anyhow.. GOOD LUCK!!! HAPPY PUSHING!!!
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I've never given birth but i hope this helps, Good luck http://www.ohsu.edu/health/health-topics/topic.cfm?id=9487 Healthy tips for traveling while pregnant: Anticipate any complications or emergencies that could arise before you travel. Check to make sure your health insurance is valid while you are abroad, and check to see whether the policy will cover a newborn, should you deliver while away. You may want to consider obtaining a supplemental travel insurance policy and/or medical evacuation insurance policy. Research medical facilities in your destination. Women in the last trimester of pregnancy should look for facilities that can manage complications of pregnancy, toxemia, and cesarean sections. If you will need prenatal care while you are abroad, arrange for this before you leave. Consult with your physician to determine the best way to handle this. Know your blood type and check to make sure that blood is screened for HIV and hepatitis B in the areas you will be visiting. Check on the availability of safe food and beverages, including bottled water and pasteurized milk, in your destinations. If traveling by air, request an aisle seat at the bulkhead, which provides the most space and comfort. If morning sickness is a problem, try to arrange travel during a time of day when you generally feel well. Seats over the wing in the midplane region will provide the smoothest ride. Try to walk every half-hour during a smooth flight, and flex and extend your ankles frequently to prevent phlebitis. Fasten your seat belt at the pelvis level. Drink plenty of fluids to counteract the dehydrating effect of the low humidity in aircraft cabins. Try to rest as much as possible while away. Exercise and activity during pregnancy are important, but try not to overdo it.
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i actually seen a show today where a lady gave birth up in the air... she was barely 6 months..luckily there was an ob doc on that flight along with another dr so she was in good hands.. i was like WOW.. i dont see nuthn wrong wit u flying.. u have to so dont listen to all the negative feed back.. i flew around the same time with my first son and it was actually from ANCHORAGE lol lived there for 5 years... anyways everything was fine... im sure ull b ok on the flight...
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You asked this same question the other day...didn't you get your answer? Anyways, if you do go into labor, some airlines can charge you up to $50,000 dollars for having to do an emergency landing. Look at Southwests( thats who you said you were flying with the other day) website and also look at the FAA's website. They have all the info you need about in-flight emergencies there-I would aslo call and speak to someone about it. I flew a few weeks ago, and they asked if I wanted the extra insurance for $15 to cover such an emergency. Why don't you just have the baby in Dutch harbour? Have your family come see you. I think it would be much easier on you and your baby. Good luck-

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