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Flying for first time.

Flying for first time.?
I will be taking my first flight (and first time even in an airport) on the 10th with one stop that will be 30 minutes...what should I be do when it's my layover? Do I get my luggage and carry it to the next plane or do they do that automatically? Is there anything I need to know or be aware of before I fly? I will be flying on Delta Airlines with a stop in Salt Lake City (I'm leaving from Birmingham, AL to Anchorage, AK). Thanks!
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Thirty minutes is a very short time for a plane change! Are you sure the flight isn't just stopping in Salt Lake City? In any case, request that your luggage is checked right through to Anchorage. You'll be lucky to get YOURSELF to the new departure gate. You'd NEVER make it if you have to collect your luggage and check it in again. Enjoy your flight - have a great trip!
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If it's just a stop, then you don't have to do anything. Fact is if it's only 30 minute then you don't even leave the plane. You only have to do something if you are changing planes. Even then all you do is walk to the new gate with your ticket, your baggage is taken care of.
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they move your luggage for you....check the TSA website for travel restrictions...confirm your flight time a few hours in advance... get there 1 1/2 - 2 hours early depending on the size of the airport. 30 min layover is really short... make sure you get off the plan quickly with all your carry on stuff and get to the next gate....gates can change at anytime so the one on your boarding pass might not be correct when you land. check the TV's that say departures, not arrivals and make sure you fidn the terminal... then depending how far away it is, you might need to run. seriously
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Usually, when one has to change planes , the suitcase is transferred to your next plane, by the airport workers in the layover airport (in this case, Salt Lake City). This is the checked- in suitcase I am referring to. This is why the airline staff give you a luggage tag that mentions your final destination, which in your case would be "Anchorage, AK". You are responsible for carrying your overnight bag with you or whatever you take with you on board the airplane, when you first boarded the flight from Birmingham AL, to the next connecting flight. Always carry your own "carryons" everywhere you go. Hope this helps.

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