Thursday, January 21, 2010

Question about snacks to take on the plane

Question about snacks to take on the plane?
I am flying from Boston Ma to Anchorage Ak, and there will be no meals on the flight. It will be about 11 hours, and I want to take nutricious snacks on my carry on. Any suggestions?
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1 :
Dried Fruit...Trail Mix....Peanuts...Sunflower Seeds.....(I Like chips...buht thats not nutritious]..l0l... Hope I Could Help.....Save Traveling
2 :
You have to get some lays and Vegetable burgers. I guess that would be the perfect meal and it would also be convenient for you.
3 :
The nuts and dried fruit from are probably a good idea. They are quiet, small, and they are definitely filling! I like them for car rides, so I don't see how a plane would be any different. I hope this helps!
4 :
You can take trail mix, hard boiled eggs (I always take an extra Ziploc baggie for the shells so there is no odor), fruit (take napkins and hand wipes if it is messy), dried fruit, salad in covered container (take a plastic fork and put any put packet of dressing in your 3-1-1 liquids bag), cheese cubes, sandwich of your choice on whole wheat bread (condiments like mustard and mayo are fine to put on sandwich, not considered liquid when spread on bread). Take things that can stay out of the fridge for a few hours but it is alright to have a small soft-sided cooler (no ice) in your carry-on with the food in it and it will stay good for hours. You can also bring an empty baggie and get some ice after you go through security.

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