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Flying to Alaska from Europe

Flying to Alaska from Europe?
I'm trying to work out the cheapest way to get from Europe to Juneau. I thought it might be worth seeing if I could fly cheaply via Anchorage. Can anybody tell me how to book as a passenger on a Cargo flight to Anchorage from Europe? In a similar it only Alaska airlines who flys to Juneau? Thanks, Maff
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Get in a coffin and have a friend deliver you to the cargo airport.
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Sorry I don't have a direct answer, not having done it, but I do have some background and some local knowledge. TSA tightened up rules on cargo flights about 4 years ago so it is less of an option that it used to be. So those cargo airlines still doing it (often in the flight deck/former first class level of a 747) seats are increasingly ?exclusively?used for cargo employee travel. Also, mostly I see Asian carriers at ANC. China Airlines, Nippon Cargo, etc. ANC is more of an trans-Pacific hub than it is a to- or from-Europe Hub. (Europe to ANC and beyond leads to the middle of the Pacific, not to any population centers.) The opening of Soviet airspace made ANC much less important to European flights. Now, to be helpful: The cheapest and most direct flights to ANC are typically on Condor's twice-weekly summer flights from Stuttgart(?) through Whitehorse to ANC and returning non-stop. Non-summer, look to Delta through Atlanta or NWA through Minneapolis. Or anyone to the USA East Coast (Boston, NYC, or DC) and then Alaska Airlines to Juneau. And yes, only Alaska Airlines will get you to Juneau. Local operators can fly you to lakes and islands in the area, but not to world beyond. You could get to Juneau on the Alaska State Ferry out of Bellingham, WA (fly to Seattle). But it takes 2 days on ship.

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