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Moving from Ft. Carson to Ft. Wainwright & have some questions!

Moving from Ft. Carson to Ft. Wainwright & have some questions!?
So we (my husband, myself, 6yr old daughter, 2yr old son, & cat) are supposed to be moving from Fort Carson to Fort Wainwright in February & since it's considered OCONUS we have so much stuff to get done! I already know about the EFMP screenings & command sponsorship. *How long does it typically take for our stuff to arrive there? *Can we fly there? *Can we all fly together? *Will the army pay for our flight? *Will we receive money to help pay for expenses on the trip? *Will I be able to take my cat with us? *How is housing on post for E6? *Can we pick which village/neighborhood we want to live in? *How long is the waitlist? *How are the schools? *I know they will ship one vehicle..Where do they ship it to?? and how long does it take to get there? *If they ship our car to Anchorage, How is the drive from there to Fairbanks in February??? *How long does it typically take for our stuff to arrive there? and what do they do with it if we don't have anywhere to live yet? *I read online that you can no longer get COLA. Is that true? if not, how much would we be getting? *What's it like on post and in Fairbanks? If you have anything else that would be helpful I would GREATLY APPRECIATE it!!!!! Thanks for any advice!!!!!
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I was single when I was stationed at Wainwright, and it was years ago, so I can only answer a few of these questions, but here goes. Can we fly there, etc? -That all depends on your orders. How are the schools? -Significantly better than California's (the only basis for comparison I have) Where will our car get shipped? -Right to Fairbanks, about 3 miles from the main gate. How long is the drive from Anchorage? -8 hours - make sure you take full on, no kidding survival gear. What's it like in Fairbanks? -Fairbanks has all four seasons: Winter, June, July, and August. Winter is very cold. VERY cold. It gets colder than -40 every winter. The summers are short, but beautiful. High end shopping is non-existent, but there is a pretty good variety of outdoor and sporting goods stores. As long as you find a way to get involved in some sort of activity, Fairbanks is a pretty fun place, and a great place to grow up. I recommend cross country skiing in the winter and boating in the summer.
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I am on Ft. Carson right now but lived in Alaska for 7 years. My sister is at Ft. Wainwright right now and she hates it!!! It is desolate. Fairbanks is around 350 miles from Anchorage. Anchorage is pretty nice, it would have been better to get stationed at Ft. Rich if he could, but hey, that's the way the cookie crumbles. Here is a driving map from Anchorage to Fairbanks ~ http://alaska.org/maps/anchorage-fairbanks-driving-map.htm

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