Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Apple macbook pro shipping question

Apple macbook pro shipping question?
I bought my computer on saterday. The status was set to prepared for shipping 22 hours after the purchase and 27 hours later the package was shipped. They got my billing info and the package shipped from shanghai china, to anchorage alaska, to louisville kentucky, then the place where my computer is at now is Mount hope ontario canada....its like a few kms from toronto. It has been there since 6:00 this morning At 5:57 the computer was scanned and the status said arrival scan. Then at 6:40 it said import scan. Does this mean it is imported into Canada? Because it is taking the longest out of all of the locations and i live in winnipeg which is only a 2.5 hour flight away! How long does this process take for the import scan. I have express 2-3 day shipping and Ups said it would come today. Then they changed it to tommorow last night because of the importing part or what? Now there is no E.T.A and im thinking they dont know when it will get through...is it still possible to get my package tommorow if its not here yet to be sorted for tommorows mail? :( i payed 23 dollars for express shipping but it could come as late as the 23rd. What do you think?
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Be patient, the more you anticipate it, the longer it takes. Since you paid extra, you may want to file a complaint if it doesn't show up in the next couple days. Contact Apple then the BBB if Apple doesn't help. Or talk to UPS. Hope it comes soon.

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