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Hang gliding/Paragliding in the north region of the U.S. and Canada

Hang gliding/Paragliding in the north region of the U.S. and Canada?
I'm heading to Alaska this July and I'll be stopping for short periods of time (most probably only a day in each city) and I want to take this opportunity to do something with aviation. I'm hoping for Paragliding because I've never done it before.....I've flown a few Cessna's and a valor.- can't get enough! I'll be going into Anchorage, Juneau, Skagway, Vancouver, down into North cascades national park and then seattle. Do you know of any awesome flight adventures I can do that doesn't require to many hours of training? And please tell me where these places are- with a name I can research them with? And- if you have any advice on what to do in these places- let me know too- its my first time going there. I'm from florida so i really want to do this for the scenic views and the mountains- and ofcourse i love flying! Thanks in advanced.
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Paragliding is awesome - you'll be glad you tried it. Around Vancouver: FlyBC Paragliding - Jim Reich - http://www.flybc.org/ (crappy website but a good school). 604-618-5467. North of Vancouver around Whistler: Cayoosh Expeditions - Jim Orava - http://www.cayooshexpeditions.ca/ - 604-894-5502. Both schools do tandems, and run courses. Tell them Veronica sent you!

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