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Do you think this is responsible behavior

Do you think this is responsible behavior?
She was in Texas for a meeting of the National Governors' Association when she began leaking amniotic fluid and having contractions. Although she knew the baby had Down syndrome and was a month premature to boot, she didn't go to a local hospital. Instead she gave her planned speech later in the day as scheduled and then caught a flight from Dallas to Seattle where she took another flight to Anchorage. Then she and her husband drove 45 minutes to a hospital in her home town where the baby was born. Premature babies, especially those with Down syndrome, need special care. Palin could have gone to a world-class hospital in Dallas, Seattle, or Anchorage, any of which would have been fully equipped to handle eventualities. Instead she chose to fly 8 hours (without telling the airlines she was in labor) and go to a village hospital probably not equipped as well as hospitals in any of the three big cities.
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First, I am voting for Obama. Second I think Palin is a poor choice. HOWEVER, he Doctor could well be capable of handling the situation. It is like saying she was not responsible to go to the Mayo Clinic. If she had not flown to give a speech, but stayed home, would attack her choice by not flying from home to Dallas to have the baby?
2 :
This is idiotic behavior, dangerous for her child and for her.
3 :
I am not a conservative, nor do I particularly like Palin. However, how she choose to birth her son and the circumstance surrounding it are her business. Nobody knows your body better than you, and after having given birth on 4 other occasions I am sure she knew what to expect. She did what she no doubt thought was best for her child, which was probably birthing him with her family around and with her own doctor.
4 :
She wasn't selected by McCain for her reputation for responsible behavior (as one "for instance" she supported funding for the "Bridge to nowhere" before she didn't support it), she was selected for the "woman factor" that McCain needs to off-set his advanced age and similarities to Bush. And, no it was not responsible behavior if that's what she in fact, did.
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Women know their own bodies, especially when they are about to deliver a baby. Who the heck are you to judge anyone? Unless you have lived in Alaska and seen the villages, then don't judge those either. You are just trying to smear Ms. Palin. I admire her. I think she fulfilled her obligations and then had a child as GOD planned.
7 :
You need to make up your mind whose baby it is in the first place. Why is it that the same people who assert that she had a right to privacy that would have allowed her to abort that same baby mid-flight are now all worried about her decision not to have the baby in Dallas?
8 :
This woman evidently had the physical capacity and enough time to do all of this stuff you're talking about, so where's the emergency exactly? And if it became one, the woman seems to have the financial means to own a cell phone with which to call 911 at any point along the way. Criticizing someone for a decision that turned out to be CORRECT seems a waste of time.
9 :
Family's are off limits, right Obama? Guess what. So are women's bodies. This is not a relevant or important. None of us were there, nor have we even met her. Do you actually CARE about this baby, or just trying to vent your annoyance with Palin? Why are you raising this topic? At the very most, you may manage to prove the possibility of a risk to a subsequent pregnancy in a women you've never's from the book of "So What??" Personally, I don't care what she did when she went into labour. I don't even care to hear my neighbors labour stories! Do YOU? This is not my business, and it is not your either. Period.
10 :
you are making a poor assumption: that she was ever pregnant in the first place. It would be easy to prove, but so far no proof has been forthcoming. I assert the more likely situation is the 16 year old has a baby prematurely and unexpectedly while Mom was out of town, and Mom needed to scramble beyond all plausibility to get to the pre-arranged hospital to make it look like hers. Now that daughter isn't getting the love from her baby to replace that she wasn't getting at home from Mom (why she go pregnant in the first place), she is trying again. Ever wonder why Mom and Dad eloped in the first place if their home life was so good? I do....

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