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How do I go about shipping my dog from Phoenix Arizona to Anchorage Alaska

How do I go about shipping my dog from Phoenix Arizona to Anchorage Alaska?
I've purchased a dog from a breeder in phoenix and need to have her shipped via continental airlin to ANchorage Alaska. I checked the airlines for flights, and they have one available. Now all I need to know is on little thing; how do I register my breeders to officially drop her off and check her into the flight?
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If your breeder was legit, they would be assisting you with the arrangements. I'd be very careful. Many of these Internet transactions are scams. There's a good chance the puppy you get is not the one you've seen, it won't be healthy or there will be no puppy at all. It happens a lot. If you can still back out, I would.
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you should have thoroughly investigated this breeder before you purchased the pup. I had dogs shippped in years ago and it was basically co-ordinated through phone calls. if this is a reputable breeder, HE should be able to provide you with all of this info. Just please be aware that you aren't being scammed. good luck - make sure you take the dog to the vet immediately after you get it.
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Just FYI Alaska Airlines would offer more flexibility for arrival and depature times for shipping your pooch. You can ship the dog by their Animal Express service. You can set it up so that the breeder will drop them off and you can pick them up in ANC. When you book it over the phone I believe you can even pay for it over the phone (not 100% sure on that). Anyway, here is the web address for information pertaining to shipping live animals on Alaska Airlines: Good Luck!
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Why are you asking this here? You need to call the airline and discuss this with them. Be sure to keep track of who you have talked to. People fly unaccompained minors (childern) all the time. The procedures for unacompianed pets is the very same thing - except the pet goes in the luggage area - and they have a different rate. Last - you might not be able to ship this dog in one trip. It all depends on how long the delays are between the start and destination terminals. There are both federal and state animal protection laws that govern how long an animal can be in transit. If the delay between connecting flights is too long - the airline will not allow you to book it - not unless it gets picked up - in say Seattle - and then put back into the system a few hours later by someone who has taken care of it. You need to be discussing this with the airlines. DO NOT let the breeder make the reservations!!!! No doubt they have ZERO experience shipping to Alaska. If something goes wrong with the flight or schedule - YOU need to be the one who made the reservation and has the authority to make changes. Not the seller. Hope this helps.

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