Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why Weed Should Be Legal – and Why You Should Fight For It

Why Weed Should Be Legal – and Why You Should Fight For It

You may’ve already seen the video. Charlo Greene, a local reporter in Anchorage, Alaska, revealed on live TV that she’s owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, a middleman between medical marijuana cardholders with weed and those without. “I, the actual ...

Combing cruise and land vacations into one extended vacation

In Alaska virtually all cruise lines offer pre or post cruise options. These are combined with one way cruises in and out of the Anchorage area. These cruises typically sail from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on the South end of the cruise.

Alaska Bites: In the Valley, a cookie baked twice

It was about 5 o'clock. Both women had just gotten off work in Anchorage, driven to the Valley and started prepping for a long night of baking. Laurie hunched over a batch of biscotti drizzling white chocolate over them with a fork. I told them the ...

Doctors say Family Flu Shot is a great idea

Anchorage, AK-- The flu season varies each year, mainly due which strains are more prevalent. Some doctors say to prevent spreading the virus even more, it wouldn't be a bad idea to invite the whole family to get a flu vaccine. The flu shots are available now.

Ex-TV reporter speaks at pot hearing in Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A former Anchorage television reporter who quit her job with four-letter send-off got attention again at a public hearing about Alaska's pot legalization measure. Charlo Greene took the microphone at the Tuesday meeting and aimed ...

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