Friday, September 12, 2014

STALKING THE BOGEYMAN Begins Tonight at New World Stages

STALKING THE BOGEYMAN Begins Tonight at New World Stages

David Holthouse is an award-winning journalist, screenwriter and documentary filmmaker living in Anchorage, Alaska. His work has been published in national magazines including Rolling Stone, Men's Journal, The Nation and many more.

Sarah Palin's Family Involved in a Drunken Brawl at a Party

Sarah Palin's family was involved in a drunken brawl in Alaska last week. After story of the alleged altercation hit the web, the Anchorage Police Department released a statement on Thursday, September 11 confirming that the Palins were present during the ...

Alaska not as it seems

There was a door over which a neon sign flashed "The Anchorage Drag Queen Club". What were we doing in downtown Anchorage? We were looking for a cheap motel and discovering the first concealed core fact about Alaska: it’s a very expensive destination.

Alaska's prep football teams rack up the miles

For example, the Seward Seahawks this weekend will drive 127 miles north to Anchorage, then hop an 724-mile flight north to Barrow, the northernmost city in the U.S. By the time the Seahawks’ 20 players and two coaches return home, they’ll have logged ...

Willamette Women, Alaska-Anchorage Men, Win Dual Competition

CHUGIAK, ALASKA -- Willamette University won the women's race and the University of Alaska-Anchorage prevailed in the men's race, in a cross country dual meet on Thursday, Sept. 11 at Beach Lake Trails. The WU women's team, tied for #7 in the NCAA Division ...

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