Monday, December 21, 2009

Connecting flight question

Connecting flight question?
I found a flight that goes from Chicago O'Hare to Anchorage Ted Stevens via Vancouver international. My question is that will I need a passport if I'll just be catching a connecting flight in Canada even if I'm not leaving the airport?
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Is it the same flight number all the way through. Unless it is just a fuel stop (second freedom) you will probably have to change planes and clear Canadian customs. Even if it is just a fuel stop you might have to clear customs if your flight is cancelled or delayed. You don't need a passport to enter Canada if you are a US citizen or resident alien (green card), just proof of citizenship or the green card. You will need a passport to re-enter the US. You'll re-clear US customs and immigration in Vancouver airport. Check with the airline before you leave for the airport.
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Yes, you will need your passport!!!!! The airline will not allow you to bord the original flight in ORD if you dont have one!

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