Friday, January 21, 2011

Are cruises the fiscally responsible

Are cruises the fiscally responsible?
“The decision was made that this was the most effective way to get us from location to location,” he said, explaining that flights from Sacramento, where the PAC is headquartered, to Anchorage were $1,300-apiece and that “transportation to the various locations we wanted to go to be able to run an effective campaign were out of this world.” How many donations from poor tea party grannies did these fools spend?
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1 :
What's your question?
2 :
if they can afford it, then yes. whatever brings people pleasure is fiscally responsible
3 :
Well since you have The Evil Wookie spending Tax Dollars that are not given freely what is your b/tch. This is our money and we do not care. You worry about your 0bama's spending Tax Money I do not want to spend on them.
4 :
When did you drink the Kool-Aid that made you think that anything in politics was fiscally responsible! Come on, people spending millions and millions of dollars to get a $120,000 (too much money for what the tax payers get out of them) a year job! Fiscal responsibility is the biggest oxymoron than any other, when it comes to politics!

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