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Are any other sleeping aids besides Tylenol PM safe to use during pregnancy

Are any other sleeping aids besides Tylenol PM safe to use during pregnancy?
Hey girls, I'm going to be flying from Anchorage, Alaska all the way back to New Jersey in less than a month..I'm a bad flyer to begin with and usually(when I'm not pregnant) take a sedative of some sort to calm me down and knock me out for the flight.. tylenol pm just doesn't work all that great for i was wondering if there are any other sleeping aids that are safe for me and baby, I could take on my flight? Ill be just about 19 weeks when I fly...i appreciate any advice you guys can give me
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Unisom, Ambien and Benadryl **Edit: For my td troll I used the occasional Ambien when I was pregnant it was AMAZING! Diphenhydramine is the MAIN ingredient in AMBIEN and is 100% safe and a class B when pregnant **Edit: It ALSO STATES "That said, there's no problem with using an occasional sleep remedy if, say, you're flying over the ocean and want to get sleep. " Or did you skip over that? So nice try on your part! **Edit: Tylenol is a Class B - so you're telling me that because its not tested on HUMANS you wouldn't deem it safe to take? Most medications deemed safe when pregnant aren't ever tested on HUMANS Or that you wouldn't take Keflex or Macrobid - both Class B's - because no humans studies were done? Risking preterm labor?
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ask the doctor if meletonex is ok, it is supposed to be more natural inducing meletonin instead of chemicals
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That is because Tylenol PM is a pain reliever/fever reducer! NOT A SLEEPING AID! You use it when you are sick/in pain to lessen the pain so it is easier to sleep. The ONLY safe sleeping aid to take while pregnant is to eat a big turkey dinner before you fly.. Edit** Hey there Pink: YOUR OWN ARTICLE CLEARLY STATES: "Jodi Mindell, pediatric sleep expert Currently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn't deemed any sleeping medications completely safe for pregnant women." Nice try, there short stop. And Class B means that they have done studies on animals, but they have not done any studies on Pregnant HUMANS... which I am assuming this woman is.. am I wrong? EDIT** ACTUALLY.. when it comes to the safety of my child, I usually stop when I get to the "This is not proven safe for humans." part... instead of reading on to try to find a loophole so I can take something to make MY life easier, while disregarding the effects it may or may not have on my unborn child. Buuuut... to each his own. EDIT* Would you like to know HOW a medication is eventually removed from the "Class B: PROBABLY safe to take while pregnant" category to the "this is NOT safe to take while pregnant" category? Women start taking it and have eventually have negative side effects, forcing the FDA to OFFICIALLY deem it unsafe. Most medications aren't tested on pregnant women, because it is UNSAFE to test them on pregnant women. I would rather not take something that isn't medically necessary that is NOT proven safe... especially something like a sleep aid.

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