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Help...I need to find pax 11A

Help...I need to find pax 11A??
I need help finding someone who sat next to me on a flight from Anchorage, Alaska on Alaskan Airlines 154, Dec. 5, 2007 to Seattle, Washington. This person lives/ works in Manhattan and was continuing there from Seattle(via Newark, JFK? ). We had a very pleasant conversation and exchanged info. for a good book to read, James L. Swanson's, "Manhunt" about Abraham Lincoln. The problem is we never exchanged personal info., and perhaps should have, for I cannot stop thinking about it. Please, if anyone can help...... thank you.
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The airline is not going to give that information out and even if you could find a sympathetic airline employee their computer system can't pull up who was sitting in which seat on a flight that has passed. One of their IT guys MIGHT be able to get that information for a few days after the flight but the customer service agents can't. If you hired a competant private detective right away there is probably a 50% chance the person could get tracked down but every day that passes decreases the likelyhood of you finding this person. And it would be very expensive. The cheapest way for you to find this person would be to take out a classified ad in New York newspapers. I would hit them all for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately this person may be married or have some other reason not to want to contact you, so you have to face the prospect that even if he read the ad he wouldn't reach out. On the other hand, it could be the story that you tell your grandchildren.

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