Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fairbanks man sentenced to 10 years for meth conviction

Fairbanks man sentenced to 10 years for meth conviction

Thony Yang was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court in Anchorage for a conviction involving methamphetamine. Law enforcement officers found a suspicious package that was to have been delivered to a co-defendant's residence in Anchorage. The U.S ...

Reporter who quit on air prompts local organization response

Anchorage, AK-- Marijuana has been a burning issue especially for Alaska. So much, a local reporter in Anchorage commited career suicide to show her support some say. According to the political director of the campaign "To Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol ...

Why quitters are good for the economy

This week Anchorage television reporter Charlo Greene quit her job—on-air, complete with a curse—in order to work full-time in support of Alaska’s ballot initiative to legalize marijuana. Does that tell us anything about today’s job market?

One-third of Alaskans think Palin family instigated party brawl

A third of state voters think the Palin family is to blame for the brawl at a birthday party in Anchorage on Sept. 6. According to the results of a new PPP poll, 18% think others at the shindig were responsible for the fight and more than half (54%) ...

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