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Can I sue the airport for this

Can I sue the airport for this?
My parents drove me 5 hours to the Portland Airport (PDX) and I boarded an Alaska Air plane to go to Anchorage, and my final destination was Fairbanks. I was on the plane for an hour, still at the airport, then the pilot said the engines on the plane won't start, so we all had to go back into the terminal and wait for a new flight. So I asked an assistant about how the heck i'm gonna get to Fairbanks since we'll be late to anchorage and I will miss my flight to fairbanks. She then told me and said they cannot book me a new flight since i had a standby pass, and that there was nothing they can do for I had no way of getting to Alaska. Then I asked her if i could atleast get my baggage thats in the cargo of the plane, and she refused to get me any help to get my baggage that had everything i owned in it. This plane was broken and wasnt going anywhere, yet she refused to help me get my baggage back even though I was screwed on my flight. So, my parents who were already 50 miles away from the airport, had to turn around and come pick me up and take me home, which is 400 miles away. While I was leaving, there was a 3:00 flight leaving for everyone who was going to Anchorage, and I had a flight rescheduled for 5:30. So, my baggage is in Fairbanks and i am not all because that lady told me I could not board any other planes and there was nothing they could do for me and i could not have my lugagge back at all, when really I was supposed to board the other plane with everyone else. Could I sue the airport for this? P.S. I am 14 years old and she refused to help me. She wasn't even concerned. I was there alone, supposed to be flying alone too. If my parents hadn't have come back for me, I would be stuck in the airport which is 400 miles away from home, and i would have had no where to go and no one to help me. Everyone is telling my mom and I to sue the airport. Can we, and should we? I want to sue because the aiport refused to help me and told me that I had no way of boarding another plane, when really I was supposed to. And so I lost all my luggage. And my parents stayed there till i boarded the plane. But an hour later after boarding is when they discovered the engines were crap.
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yes and yes
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No, you can't.
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You have absolutely no case for a law suit. You suffered no physical damages and with the exception of being inconvenienced and pissed off, no emotional damages. Airplanes break down - baggage wind up in one state and you in another.........stuff happens in life that alters our plans - That doesn't mean that you should try to get money for it. Hopefully your parents are teaching you better and are not in agreement with you. Buck it up and get on with your life
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The airport had nothing to do with your dilemma. It was one airline that you were dealing with. You could sue but you would probably loose because on your ticket its printed that they can't guarantee you on-time arrival. I am surprised that they didn't offer to put you up in a hotel or take care of you since you were 14. I am also surprised that your parents would dump you off at the airport and not stay with you to make sure that you boarded your flight. If they had none of this confusion would have happened.
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Of course you can't sue them - they did not refuse to help you, they had no way to help you. If there is no flight there is no flight. Seriously sweetheart, these things happen all the time and you just can't go around suing someone or a company because you didn't get what you expected. Well you can, but you would be wasting your time. Airlines have disclaimers about this sort of thing, it's right on the ticket. They have thousands and thousands of people they deal with every day. If you feel that you were not given special treatment because of your age than you are too young to be traveling alone.

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