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How do I become a midwife? Alaska

How do I become a midwife? Alaska?
I was wondering, how do I become a nurse midwife? The island I live on in Alaska doesn't have an emergency facility around. You have to be "medevaced" to anchorage some 800 miles (3hr flight) away. Would it be possible to even practice here? If there were an unseen complication there is really no place to help and no ability for cesarean sections/NICUs. In fact at this point, since there are no midwives, you are not allowed to give birth here. The doctor orders you onto a plane before you're 36 weeks along. I know it sounds strange but PLEASE don't argue. It is true. It's dutch harbor and EVERY baby is born off the island. We have no choice in the matter unless you REALLY want to P*** off the emts.
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You will probably need some legislation passed if you want to do it legally. It seems odd to me that in some states a woman can legally kill her baby the entire pregnancy, even during delivery (partial birth abortion), but in other states, she doesn't have the reproductive freedom to give birth wherever she wants. Not that I'm in favor of abortion, because I'm not, but it seems an odd twist of the law. I don't know Alaska laws. I believe that where I live, a midwife has to have a doctor's covering, like official supervision before she is legal. Of course you can deliver babies illegally, but they would probably hunt you down. And at some point you would face birth complications and they would blame you. Google it and see what college classes you could take online. You'd have to do some classes/training on campus or in a hospital, probably. I wish you well. Sorry that I know so little.

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