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HP and FedEx clearance delays.

HP and FedEx clearance delays.?
Hello. I saw on FedEx's tracking site yesterday that I hit a "Clearance Delay" in Anchorage, Alaska. Today I called FedEx, asking for them to look into it, they said that HP did not send the packages (She clarified that there were seven others) with the customs documents. She said that HP has been contacted with this, but didn't say whether or not HP sent in the documents yet. But if they do receive it today, it is possible it will clear today before the afternoon flight takes off from Anchorage and I will receive my package on time. (Tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 29th.) So next, I called HP. They said that they turned in the paper work earlier today and after the paper work is received it will be back in movement within 24 hours. Now my question can only really be answered by a Fed-Ex employee or people with past experiences. Anyways, what I am asking is; could HP have not been accurate and didn't send the paperwork earlier today? Or after the paperwork is sent in, it really does clear within 24 hours. Thank you. No, mine has not cleared yet. I will let you know if it does, especially tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! If everyone wants to talk with people experiencing this go here: We are each calling FedEx and matching numbers. To the person who said it better be delivered before Nov. It won't be. Earliest will be Monday. I am so mad.
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FedEx's system works pretty well. But when something like this happens it could take a little while for all the data to match up. So both could be telling the truth. Since HP is who made the mistake in the first place I would have to side with FedEx until HP proved them wrong.
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My HP delivery is held up in Anchorage, as well, and for the same reason. I received an email reply from fedex this morning, and I spoke with a fedex rep by phone. Both reps told me that the item was scheduled for delivery today. When I asked the phone rep why the tracking website still shows that the package is in Anchorage on a clearance delay, she transferred me to a fedex international rep, who told me that the item would NOT be delivered today and was still in customs in Anchorage. It would remain there until HP sent the proper documents. I almost took a day off of work today to stay home to sign for the item (no other option for me), and I would have had to take another day off when it did not arrive. The website tracking page still says that it will be delivered today. It's 6:25 PM,so the delivery date came and went for FedEx purposes. I called HP, and they told me the same thing they told you, but only after I pressed them to tell me whether or not the paperwork had actually been sent to customs. They said that it would take at least 24 hours for the item to be released once the documents were received by customs. I would like to know whether or not FedEx will update the delivery date once the item clears customs. Has your item cleared, and have you received a new delivery date? UPDATE 10/29/09: Mine has cleared customs, left Anchorage, and, according to FedEx, will be delivered tomorrow if nothing else happens to delay it. I'm on the East Coast.
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I ordered a laptop and it made it from China to Alaska in one day. Then it went into clearance delay where it has set unmoved for a couple of days. According to Fed Ex my laptop is part of a shipment of 744 that were lacking the necessary paperwork from HP to clear customs. "As soon as the paperwork arrives from HP to Fed Ex, it will be presented to customs" and hopefully be on its way. Amazing that with all the computers HP brings in from China every week, that they can't get the paperwork right the first time.
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I have the exact same Problem. I heard that it could take a week to deliver...We better get the Laptop Refunded for being freggin LATE!!
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Mine has been stuck in the custom since Monday. I contacted HP and Fedex multiple times. Each blamed the other side and both blamed the custom that we're unable to talk to. I doubt what's the special that makes us to order an HP laptop instead of Sony, Lenovo, Dell, etc. I wouldn't order it if I had known they shipped oversea. I don't think they mention this anywhere in their website.
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lol mine is stuck too, did anyone get some kind of rebate or refund, I didnt call HP yet, But they just relased them so hopefully we will get them soon, like tomorrow

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