Monday, June 1, 2009

Is anybody familiar with the story of Richard Proenneke

Is anybody familiar with the story of Richard Proenneke?
I am searching for more information on this man other than Wikipedia. Like tourist information, flight routes from Anchorage to his cabin (there and back, including fees) and a more in depth history of this man before Alaska.
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There are some great websites about this intersting man. Also as "retro" as this sounds.... encyclopedias are a good please to look! At a..... ready for it.... Library! Forgeign I know but always a good quotable source!
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Yes- he is quite an amazing man. For some good information, go to the sight There are a couple of DVD's and books you can order to get a clearer picture of what he did. They are interesting to watch, especially if you are not familiar with Alaska. Good luck, Ken

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