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how long is a flight from anchorage alaska to connecticut

how long is a flight from anchorage alaska to connecticut?

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Depending on where you are landing in Connecticut - but to give you an idea. Northwest from Anchorage to Minneapolis is about 5 hours and 15 minutes - also figure an hour layover and from Minneapolis to say Hartford is about another 2 hours and 20 minutes
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doesnt it tell you when you pull up airfares?? It always shows me...hmmm
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If you were to get a direct flight it would be approx. 6 Hrs 4 Min. You can get flight times for airports all over the world at
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There are no direct flights from ANC to Bradley (BDL). Northwest would connect in Minneapolis. 5 hours + layover + 2.5 hours United in Chicago. (5.5 + layover + 2 hours) Alaska Airlines connects in Seattle on the way to Boston (3.5 + layover + 5.5) Or they could get you to Chicago or Denver and then take someone else to BDL) Frontier (ANC-DEN-LGA in New York) is worth checking because they are sometimes cheaper. Delta has a non-stop to Atlanta in the summer and that would be the longest flight times. Summary: Two flights, about 8-9 hours in the air plus layover. Ideally, you could find flights with 1.5 hours for your layover. That's a pretty safe amount of time. 2 hours is really safe. 50-60 minutes is often a "legal" connection, but it increases the chances of you or your luggage not making a connecting flgiht. Expect this summer to worse than usual due to staffing cuts at the airlines. Try to take earlier flights (before that day's schedule gets screwed up). Check the on-time performace of each flight. Alaska Airlines at least displays those as you compare flight options.

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